Graduation Party Brunch | Class of 2019 Senior Team

I took a break from my usual crazy busy end of summer senior photoshoot schedule to host a graduation brunch celebration with my class of 2018 and class of 2019 senior team girls! The boho floral themed brunch was filled with laughter, roses, Belvoir lemonade, and amazing donuts! Beforehand, the girls got all pretty with hair and makeup by the lovely Annie from Socojo Makeup. . And now - all of the fun of the day is live! Watch the video above, take a look at the photos below, let me know what you would have at your perfect brunch, and watch for more on Instagram @ReynaMeinhardt!

What makes a graduation party brunch such a great idea?

Your actual graduation party will fly by. Your friends, your parents friends, and 50 other people will be looking for your attention all afternoon and believe me, it will go by quick. You can get personal at your brunch and invite your 5-10 closest girlfriends to reminisce all of the good times you’ve had together in high-school, and plan for the future.

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Minneapolis Senior Photographer Reyna Meinhardt with her class of 2019 senior team
Reyna Meinhardt