Your Guide to Light + Airy Senior Portraits

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The Art of a Light + Airy Portrait

There is an art to mastering the light and airy shot - the look that I love so much for senior portraits. I've spent hours studying light, composition, and editing to achieve this fine art, oh so breezy, look.  Every day I am searching to find where the most lovely lighting is, and which locations will make the perfect backdrops.  I love photographing seniors in these settings, and luckily, most of my seniors have been just as excited to be captured in this beautiful way! Picking a photographer that has a portfolio filled with light and airy photos is key if this is look that you want to achieve for your photos.

Light is Everything // Location

Whomever said location is everything, wasn't lying.  I scout for spots where the golden hour is at its finest - reflecting off of light sands, pale blue waters, pastel walls.  When the sunsets over a lake, my heart skips a beat (Lake Calhoun is lovely).  Sandy beaches offer a natural reflector, creating beautiful skin tones that are velvety soft.  Before your senior shoot, we will meet to strategize on best locations, and if you are itching for light and airy senior portraits, don't be shy to mention it!  I also often shoot in a beautiful old farmhouse that is filled with white walls and pretty light!


While I love to shoot in all seasons - summer alludes to the most natural golden hour lighting. Where the sunsets in the sky, and how it reflects off of earthy summer tones makes a huge difference. When your senior shoot is in Autumn, expect more vibrant photos that include hues of reds/oranges/yellows rather than the lighter airier greens of summertime. If you want to achieve the light and airy look but your session is going to be in in the Fall or Winter, let me know and we can find a location that still fits this vibe. Shooting in my natural light studio is a great way to achieve this look all year round!


This is where you have the most power to create this soft, lovely look for your senior portraits!  Pastels of all shades are always stunning - pale pinks, pale blues, pale yellows, and of course: white.  I also offer the option of wearing this stunning custom designed pale pink tulle skirt, which is an absolutely gorgeous option for twirling around in during golden hour!

Shop Recommendations

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