Top 5 Best Class of 2018 Graduation Cards

After my senior's have received all of their portraits after their senior shoots, and have finished their senior year, I am often asked if I can create graduation cards for them.  While I used to offer this as an option, in recent years it has become much easier and faster to purchase graduation cards through a third party with a much larger selection than I could ever provide!  Here are a few of my absolute favorite grad cards for class of 2018 seniors to check out!

Graduation Card

Card 1

This card hones is simple, and elegant.  The handwritten is both classic and trendy, and the minimalist feel to the card puts the focus on your beautiful self! 


Best graduation cards

Card 2

This graduation card is a favorite of mine because of it's trend forward, modern font and unique text layout.  It is edgy, but like the previous card, still shows off "you."


A photographers favorite graduation card

Card 3

This is so fun! If you are looking for something a little on the adventurous side, this grad card has all of the feels.  With "congrats" written over and over again in tiny letters, it definitely makes a statement and with the perfect photo (we can make that happen ;) ) - how could anyone not show up to your grad party?

A photographers favorite graduation card

Card 4

The card screams classy.  I'm in love with the pale pink (it's my favorite color).  I can definitely envision this card framed and hung up to be remembered for ages. 


A senior photographers top five favorite graduation cards

Card 5

Adventure Awaits.  Words that speak to my heart, and words that I feel every time I am shooting a senior session.  There are so many exciting things ahead for my seniors, and this card truly depicts that.  This is by and large my absolute favorite card out their right now - with it's fun graphic, fitting message, and beautiful colors.  I'm in love. 

Are you sending out graduation cards?  I've heard so many different ways to go about graduation announcements, I'd love to hear your take on it! 

Reyna Meinhardt