Senior Guide | Pastel Outfit Inspo

Picking out what to wear for your Senior Portraits is Hard.

Sometimes even as hard as resisting hitting snooze on your alarm for the third time on Monday mornings before class, or making it through the last math classes of the year.  It's ok - here are some tips to help ease of the stress a bit and come to your shoot calm, cool, and collected. 

1 | Think Pastels

This post is specifically focused on the pastel lovers of the world. Pastels look gorgeous on all skin colors, and happens to be my favorite color to shoot.  This guide will be specifically focusing on these lovely shades. 

2 | Bring Options

I recommend bringing a laundry hamper with many different outfit options to your senior shoot.  While I recommend that we only shoot 3 outfits during your session, bringing different choices with to your session allows for the opportunity to choose what looks best for the setting we are shooting in.  

3 | Quality over Quantity

Your senior portraits are literally, a once in a lifetime occasion.  Plus - they have to stick around both your parents walls for years, and in the yearbook.  When shopping, take this as an opportunity to shop at stores where you can tell that they were made with care - you can always tell in photos!

4 | Wear your least favorite "Favorite" outfit first. 

It takes a minute to warm up when getting your senior photos taken, so wearing your least favorite of the three outfits you pick out for your shoot ensures that you will save the best for last - when you are feeling the most confident during your shoot!

5 | Classic, Unique, Casual

I recommend narrowing it down to three outfits for your shoot (no one has time for all that changing when we have shooting to do!). 

Choose something classic that won't make your future kids cringe and say "ohhhhhh wore that!?!"  

Choose something unique - this is where you can be trendy - something with lots of texture, stylish and screams out your personality.  Rompers, jumpsuits, flirty dresses from Free People - all solid options. 

And third, something a little more casual.  I love when seniors wear a simple striped t-shirt from Madewell with a pair of high rise jean shorts, and colorful converses.  This is the outfit that represents the humid days of Minnesota summer as a camp counselor, or biking with your best friend to the local ice cream shop, or just basking in the sun by the lake. 

6 | Best Places To Shop

There are a few places that just naturally have an extremely photogenic quality to them.  My personal favorites are as follows!

Free People | Anthropologie | Madewell | Luca + Grae

 Romper from Luca + Grae | Tulle Dress available for seniors booking Luxe and Signature Collections