What to do the day of your Senior Meeting

St Paul High School senior portrait shot at golden hour on capital hill

The truth is, I love senior meetings! Meeting up with you before your shoot is the first step to an amazing session. We can talk about your dream shoot, the outfits, the locations, how I can style it to show off your personality. I love planning a session that has a deep connection with your personality, and at these meetings is where the magic happens!

All of my meetings happen in North Loop Minneapolis, and I know a lot of my girls are coming from out of town - so I wanted to put together a little guide on how to spend the day before, or after, your meeting! Bring your mom, your sister, or your best friend a long and get exploring!

  1. Grab Lunch at Nolos

    This is just the cutest little place to eat, brunch - lunch - dinner, all of it is so good! The sun shines in and the decor is just charming to no end!

  2. Take advantage of the beautiful rooftop hot tub and Nordic Sauna at The Hewing Hotel.

    Bring your swimsuit and head to the Hewing Hotel to grab a day pass for their hot tub and sauna! It is by far the most beautiful hot tub/sauna that I have ever had the chance to enjoy, and it’s perfect for a girls day! I believe it’s $30 for a day pass here - and oh so worth it :)

  3. Walk around North Loop

    North loop is just charming. Start on Washington and spend an hour wandering around and ducking into the cute little boutiques that can be found all around. (See if you can find this little shop that will give you all of the Paris feelings - https://www.springfinnandco.com/)

  4. Twins Game

    North Loop is home to the Twins Stadium and we all know that the Twins play about a million games every season - let me know if you want to plan your meeting around a Twins home game day and we can make it happen ;)

  5. Have the best fruit pie at Moose & Sadies.

  6. Finish the day off just across the river at the Stone Arch Museum (or just walk around the ruins as the sun is setting!).

Senior Portrait shot at Hidden Falls in St Paul MN
Reyna Meinhardt