Preparing for your Senior Shoot: 7 Best Senior Shoot Locations in the Twin Cities

Whenever I sit down at a coffee shop with one of my high school seniors to plan out their shoot, and we get to the part of the conversation where we start looking at potential locations - I am reminded of how absolutely beautiful Minnesota is. There are these awesome little “destination” pockets all around the state that are absolutely stunning!

My senior portrait shoots are all about capturing the whimsical - organic - adventures of life. I mean - I seriously adore capturing your quirks and laughter! I’ve found a key component to capturing these feelings is to find locations that have beautiful light that I can utilize, and these are a few of my absolute favorite spots! Send me a DM on Instagram or email me to start planning the perfect location for your senior shoot this Spring!

1) My Grandparents Farmhouse

Ok - so this location is reserved for my Signature and Luxe Senior collections because, but it is SO worth it! They live in a cute little house on a farm in Cokato, MN. With over 100 acres - there are endless opportunities for the most beautiful senior photos. Inside the farmhouse there is an abundance of fresh/airy natural light, and then heading outside for “golden hour” is just astounding. Gardens, rolling hills, cows, a pond, old dirt roads - everything is out of a vintage film.

Julia (15 of 192).jpg

2. Taylors Falls | Interstate State Park

Taylors Falls is really just so lovely. Cute little shops with colorful exteriors, cobblestone roads, and of course - the beautiful falls and landscapes to be found in the state parks. You can get both the dainty small town vibe, and jaw dropping landscape in one senior shoot!

Taylors Falls Senior Portrait shoot

3. Hidden Falls - St. Paul

I almost didn’t include this one, as I sort of like it being “hidden.” I have never run into another photographer while shooting here. The light is always so unique and beautiful, and the scenery changes every visit. It is truly a lovely place!

Hidden Falls St. Paul Senior Shoot

4. Boom Island Park

Just look at this lighting….and these trees are magic! I love ending a senior session here, it’s perfect to combine with a more urban environment such as North Loop’s artist district!

Morgen (227 of 245).jpg

5. Aamodts Apple Orchard

In the summertime - Aamodt’s vineyards are absolutely beautiful - and in the Autumn, the apples are abundant! Like all of the above location, the lighting for senior portraits here is absolutely stunning! It’s so much fun to spend a few hours with the family picnicking here before your shoot! It is also close to Stillwater, which is perfect if you would like to hit two locations for your session!

6. Studio Apparatus | St. Paul

I was originally only going to include 5 favorite locations - but I really couldn’t justify leaving out Studio Apparatus. I first met the owners of the studio right before their official “opening” and have since taken over their social media marketing. It is truly one of the most lovely in door places to shoot in the cities, with perfect lighting - beautiful backdrops, and a plethora of pretty plants to use as props! You can take a look at Nora’s senior shoot at Studio Apparatus for more inspo!

Studio Apparatus Senior Shoot

7. Como Conservatory | St. Paul

This location is perfect for my senior girls that want something a little unique and different, but still soft and pretty. The architecture of the setting is phenomenal and lends itself to letting me create a wide variety of stunning light and airy photos for you to choose from!

como conservatory high school senior photography
Reyna Meinhardt