A Month in Brazil + Argentina | Photography and Feature Film

Life is back to normal in Minnesota, but I would like to go back - back to Brazil, back to Argentina - back to dancing in the streets of Paraty and eating steak every night in Argentina.  I was more sensitive to life, as everything was new to me, strange smells, new sights, and even normal things, took over my senses and demanded my full attention.  

I learned that boys at Club Kika try to kiss you without warning and that it's safe-ish to dance in the streets of Paraty at night without shoes on if you so desire.  I realized that America applauds those that are constantly working towards monetary success, whereas in Brazil, all that really matters is ones family. 

In Rio, I got lost in the most beautiful club I've ever seen.  Alone, I composed myself in a way that projected a confidence I didn't feel inside.  It was fake at first, but soon I found myself dancing on the DJ's stage with Lexi and Call, the entire club admiring from below - mystified by our pale skin and poor dancing skills.  

It was all the moments like these, moments where we feel slightly out of sorts, wanting to fit in to the culture with our newly purchased Speedos, but secretly loving the thrill of being an outsider.  We grew close to each other, all of us, laughing, getting sick, and experiencing new things together at every moment.  Our lives will go on, but these memories are forever.  

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Paraty Brazil Photography
Sau Paulo Girl Photography
Paraty Rio Photography
Paraty Brazil Photography
Reyna Meinhardt